Ricardo Anaya's pupil

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Ricardo Anaya's pupil
Zepeda is playing dirty tricks on his fellow PAN members - Photo: Lucia Godínez/EL UNIVERSAL
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Ricardo Anaya's pupil

In some branches of the PAN, they foresee a repetition of the Anaya phenomenon. That is: a party president who didn't quit the leadership until he got every one of his way in order to get the presidential nomination. They're afraid this model will be replicated by the current PAN president, Damián Zepeda, who is thought to leave the party's presidency, and errand ordered to him by Anaya, to occupy a seat in the Senate in September, once he's got a hold of the coordination of the PAN in the Senate. They claim Zepeda will name Marcelo Torres as the internal president, who at the same time could name Zepeda as the Senators' coordinator, getting the other PAN legislators who want this position out of his way. Those who anticipate this move on Zepeda's part say that this isn't the right way to get to the coordination, and even less when he comes from driving the party to a devastating election.

Ricardo Monreal's scissors

Ricardo Monreal doesn't want to waste time and wait until September 1st, when the new Congress of the Union is installed, and the future leader of the Morena bench in the Senate, is already sharpening his scissors to cut the legislators' salaries and superfluous expenses, mainly to adjust them to AMLO's guideline: nobody can earn more than the President. We're told that Mr. Ricardo has been talking to the highest ranking officials in the administrative area, so they add up and subtract in order to have everything ready for the beginning of the Legislature. Inside the Chamber, we're told, Monreal has been well received with his budget cuts.

Dante can throw a party

After the July 1st election, Movimiento Ciudadano, Dante Delgado's party, will be the only one from the so-called Frente (PAN-PRD-MC) who can deliver good results as it maintained its registration as a national political force and grew in Jalisco, which now is their stronghold and which the PRI lost to them. We're told that Mr. Dante is presenting a post-electoral balance today, in a time when others, such as his allies: the PAN and PRD, are living from hand to mouth. By the way, the MC leader is planning to clarify the resignation of the virtual Jalisco Governor, Enrique Alfaro, with the argument that there was a previous agreement for his escape, with the understanding that the future governor had to get to the position without being tied to a party. Dante wins, all in all.

AMLO rehearses his austere trips

In order to rehearse his personal trips when he becomes President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Beatriz Gutiérrez and their child, took a flight to Villahermosa, Tabasco, yesterday, and then drive to his ranch in Palenque, Chiapas. That's how the winner of the July 1st election started his mini-vacation, or as he called them, a 4 days-long “rest and reflect” that he said he would take before the Pacific Alliance Summit in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, that will take place on July 24. He was invited by President Peña Nieto. Last Sunday, the President-elect said he would return to his activities until next Friday: “I'm going to take 4 days off to “rest and reflect”, I want to think about some things, I'm going to be away”.


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