17 | OCT | 2019

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Marcelo Ebrad - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

AMLO's outrage

Mexico City
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AMLO's outrage

Even though we've seen the fun side of Andrés Manuel in recent days, the one of the “Amlodipine”, of the “Andresmanuelovich,” we're told that yesterday Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) lost his “cool” for a while and was seen quite outraged after he learned his campaign team leaked the information that this Thursday Marcelo Ebrad and Ricardo Monreal will be appointed as coordinators of federal constituencies for his campaign. Mr. Andrés, according to our sources, doesn't like to have information leaked. Moreover, we're told that in addition to Ebrad and Monreal, Leonel Cota will also be in charge of a constituency. Our sources say Mr. AMLO's team should be more careful and try not to make him angry because everyone likes the “cool” AMLO better. Has he taken his dose of amlodipine yet?

Corral's caravan and the media coup

Behind the caravan of Chihuahua Governor – of the conservative National Action Party (PAN) – Javier Corral, demanding a cash flow of over MXN$800 million to the Ministry of Economy, there is a plan to stage a media coup. We're told that the leader of the Galilean movement of the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), Guadalupe Acosta, is involved in the logistics and coordination department, together with other scholars, sympathizers of Mr. Javier. The goal of the march-protest is to keep an apolitical stand but before they arrive in Mexico City, there will be an open summon to the political parties to support the movement – most certainly the parties of the Front, the conservative National Action Party (PAN), the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), and the center-left Citizen's Movement Party (MC) will join. Before their arrival in Mexico City, our sources say, the organizers will seek to enlist the Mayor, Miguel Ángel Mancera, to achieve a larger impact at the closure of the mobilization, this Sunday 4. This is the strategy for Corral's media coup.

Meade's black eye

Several were surprised to see that the aspiring candidate of the center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) arrived yesterday at the construction project of the New Mexico City International Airport with a black eye. José Antonio Meade, who was in good spirits, didn't hesitate to explain the cause of the bruise. He said that during an event in Chilpancingo, a member of the public accidentally hit him in the eye when trying to take a selfie with him. Mr. José Antonio also took the opportunity to joke around during this talk with some journalists. When he was asked if it was possible to have the new terminal canceled either by decree or arbitrary designation, he replied: “not even candidacies are arbitrary” and then laughed. Uh-oh

Gamboa challenges opposition

Yesterday, at the closure of the plenary meeting of center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) senators, their coordinator, Emilio Gamboa, challenged the opposition forces to resolve as soon as possible the pending items, such as the national prosecutor, the anti-corruption prosecutor, and whatever else the National Anti-Corruption System is missing. Mr. Emilio said the other parties should no longer stall or hide behind electoral excuses. Not to contradict Gamboa, but several legislators – including other PRI members – that negotiation the resolution of one of these items at times when electoral tensions rise every day will be more than complicated. However, the cost of not having agreements on these matters is paid directly by the citizens.


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