AMLO is working overtime

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AMLO is working overtime
Mexico's President-elect - Photo: Irvin Olivares/EL UNIVERSAL
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AMLO is working overtime

The President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is working overtime. Yesterday, Mr. Andrés was at his “transition home” in the Roma neighborhood for 35 minutes. Although the city was peaceful, as the majority of the population was taking a few days off for the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, AMLO is getting everything ready for his presidential inauguration on December 1. The President-elect wasn't the only one working on Sunday, since his private secretary, Alejandro Esquer, arrived later.

Moreno Valle, new the PAN's leader in the Senate?

Yesterday, Damián Zepeda announced that he's leaving the party's coordination in the Senate, so that the new PAN leader, Marko Cortés is free to decide if he stays in the position or not. Those close to Marko say Zepeda is far from being ratified. They claim that the one who wanted the position is the Senator and former Puebla Governor, Rafael Moreno Valle, who cleared the way for Cortés of his way to the PAN leadership. Is it time for rewards?

Where are Barrales and Granados?

Without leaders, that's how the PRD materialized its first step towards its “reconstruction” after the July 1 defeat. Only four of its former leaders remain and all of them became PRD leaders thanks to the New Left current, better known as “Los Chuchos”: Jesús Ortega, Jesús Zambrano, Guadalupe Acosta, and Carlos Navarrete, all were firm and present at the PRD's National Congress, as well as the fifth “Chucho”, Ángel Ávila, who will lead the party until December 9. Nevertheless, other two former leaders were notably absent: Alejandra Barrales and Manuel Granados, who didn't attend the party's plenary session, a party they recently led. Some PRD members were wondering why didn't they show up, if they wanted to avoid complaints since they were both responsible of the alliance with the PAN and the campaign that left the PRD in an electoral basement, or if they are considering migrating from the PRD.

Who will get the Belisario Domínguez prize?

A few days ago in this section, we said that there were some candidates to receive the Belisario Domínguez prize. Although many consider that the renown activist and former presidential candidate, Rosario Ibarra de Piedra, who has been nominated three times, will be the one to receive the prize since she has Morena's support. Nevertheless, we've been told that the renown historian and chronicler, Guillermo Tovar y de Teresa was been nominated as well. We've been told that it was Eruviel Ávila who nominated Guillermo Tovar y de Teresa.