21 | NOV | 2019

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AMLO's health
There was concern after AMLO was seen at a hospital- Photo: Yadin Xolalpa/EL GRÁFICO

AMLO's health

Mexico City
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AMLO's health

The President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has to understand that his health is now a subject of interest for the whole country. This past weekend, pictures of Mr. Andrés attending the National Cardiology Institute began to spread on social media. Yesterday, the President-elect confirmed that the had attended the Institute on October 2, for a routine checkup, and claims everything is fine. There were no more comments, but we're told that it's possible that once he takes office, he might use public health services. The Mexican Presidents, the leaders of the Armed Forces, used to receive medical attention at the Presidential Guard Hospital, but since this agency is disappearing, the new President will decide who will care for his health now.

Austerity comes after the wedding

We're told that Morena and the elected government are hoping that the topic of César Yáñez's wedding dies down this week, as it dominated the political agenda last week, and sparked off critiques in media, as well as inside the party. In the incoming days, the president of the Senate's Political Coordination Board, Ricardo Monreal, from Morena, will reveal the austerity plan, a month after the new Legislature began. Monreal said that he will explain how “pennies and cents” have been saved up until now, so that people don't think it's just a charade, mostly because of the staff and commissions reduction, and that from his point of view, the reduction of resources was “so radical we're going to prove it during the first month, I'm sure,” said Monreal. The question is the austerity topic will help to erase the “weddingate” off the map or, on the contrary, it will revive it. We'll see.

Morena, they are many, but not machos

Morena's bench is leading 23 commissions in Congress, and the majority of them will be led by women. With a record number, 12 women from Morena will lead legislative commissions, compared to 11 men. They point out that they're not just the majority, but that they will also lead relevant commissions, such as the Education, Health, Internal Affairs and Population, Migration Affairs, Constitutional Points, Science commissions, among others. In the majority bench, coordinated by Mario Delgado, they say: “We're many but not machos.”

The PRD is getting rid of the double agents

We're told that they're doing a deep cleanse at the PRD. They explain that in this regard, the group leaders and the majority from the National Executive Committee (CEN) know that they need to send a direct message to gain credibility among society. Therefore, they have begun to take matters into their hands, especially in regards to PRD leaders who work under the orders of the former PRD member, René Bejarano, and that are employed by the PRD, yet they work for Morena. They reveal that the incoming days, they will “clean the house” and won't allow double agents in the party.


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