AMLO's graduation party

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AMLO's graduation party
AMLO is now officially the President-elect - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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AMLO's graduation party

Third time's the charm, he said over and over again during the last months, while he enjoyed his electoral triumph in advance. Well, we're told that today is Andrés Manuel López Obrador's big day, as he will receive his majority certificate, the President “diploma” issued by the Electoral Tribunal. We're told that Morena's leadership and the transition team have organized a party and invited the deputies, senators, and the party's representatives of the PES-PT coalition, to celebrate. The party, we're told, will be a big one and now that he has the diploma, Mr. Andrés Manuel and his team will formally begin to work on the transition process with the outgoing government. We're told that the picture will be seen all over the world.

A different story inside the Electoral Tribunal

Andrés Manuel López Obrador is living a different scenario than the one from 6 years ago. We're reminded that on August 2012 the presidential election implied the resolution of 365 contestations and the assessment of thousands of proofs. The tribunal's basement was full of boxes, chicken cages, dozens of groceries, appliances, and boxes full of alleged fraud proofs delivered by the Progressive Movement Coalition, led by the PRD, MC, and PT, with Andrés Manuel as their candidate. Today they expect chants from Morena and congratulations from the tribunal and the INE, the two institutions who played a central role in the 2018 election.

Elected Senators are feeling lazy

We're told that it seems like the elected senators don't feel like participating in events previous to the beginning of the 64th Legislature, that starts on September 1. The proof, we're told, is that they were invited to a forum about the analysis of the 11 structural reforms from the outgoing administration, and only one future congresswoman, Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz, attended the event organized by the Belisario Domínguez Institute. The former Miguel Hidalgo mayor looked for Gerardo Esquivel, who will be the Income Deputy Secretary in Andrés Manuel López Obrador's administration, to ask him to reconsider the salary of the specialized technicians who work in the public sector without being involved in politics. Mr. Gerardo, who was a speaker in the forum, answered that the option of including an exception in a Maximum Salaries Law is being analyzed.

Marko wants it all

We're told that the outgoing PAN congress coordinator, Marko Cortés, is organizing a banquet on August 10 with the national PAN counselors, where he will talk about his presidential aspiration to the party. All of this is part of a strategy to convince them, while the National Council is taking place on Saturday. They point out that Mr. Marko already feels like the official candidate, although he doesn't have the necessary credentials and the support from the PAN's internal groups. Nevertheless, we're told, Marko Cortés and his team are bragging about being the next ones to move into the blue house in Coyoacán. Really?


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