AMLO, the drug trade, and Fox

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Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Tixtla, Guerrero – Arturo de Dios Palma/EL UNIVERSAL
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AMLO, the drug trade, and Fox 

Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) said yesterday in Guerrero that he will create a Commission of Truth, if he becomes the President in 2018, to finally dispel the shadows on the Ayotzinapa case. Then, he talked about an amnesty to bring peace to the country after the violence brought by organized crime. Later on, during an interview with journalists, he was asked if this amnesty including the leaders of the drug cartels. “We're proposing it, I'm analyzing it. No issue will be left without its due analysis,” he replied. This proposal is surprising because, in 2011, former Mexican President Vicente Fox said he would work on a “truce” with drug cartels through an “amnesty law.” Of course, his statements received the fiery complaints of the then-President Felipe Calderón and Former Mayor of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrad...together with an avalanche of criticism. Now, this Tabasco native has joined the debate with a polemic proposal, to say the least.

All set for aspiring candidate Meade

No complications, obstructions, or red lights are expected this Sunday at the national headquarters of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) where an office has already been designated for José Antonio Meade and his team, which has already begun to operate. Meade will register this Sunday as an aspiring presidential candidate and, if no one else raises their hand before 13:00, he will instantly become the potential candidate as there's no paperwork to go over, given that he already has the support of all the sectors and organizations. This past week, the former Minister of Finance met with his erstwhile party rivals and managed not only to placate them but also earn their public support in his favor. So, all is set for Meade.

The retreat of Cordero, The Rebel

It's curious to see the retreat the president of the Executive Board, Ernesto Cordero, member of conservative National Action Party (PAN), has had as of late during the meetings of the Senate. He's been seen quite at ease in his seat while his tasks are performed by the vice-president César Pedroza (PAN), and the meetings chaired by Graciela Ortíz (PRI), David Monreal (Labour Party) and Adolfo Romero (PRD). Spending less time steering the assemblies was one of the practices of the Green Party senator Pablo Escudero, today on leave. However, there's no doubt Mr. Ernesto will be attending the ceremony of the imposition of the Belisario Domínguez award to biologist Julia Carabias, to be held this Wednesday during a solemn ceremony, to which the President of the Mexican Republic, Enrique Peña Nieto, and the Head of the Supreme Courte of Justice, Luis María Aguilar, will also be attending...

War at the Congress

Next week, the Congress of the Union will begin its final ordinary term of meetings before the presidential campaigns begin. We've been told the Chamber of Deputies, led by Jorge Carlos Ramírez, member of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), and the Chamber of Senators, led by Ernesto Cordero, member of conservative National Action Party (PAN), received the last call to appoint key officials before the tensions over the election spike. They have on the agenda the appointment of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, the head of the Specialized Attorney's Office against Electoral Crimes, 60 magistrates, and the new General Auditor. We'll see how many they manage to tick off the list.


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