20 | MAR | 2019
AMLO is getting the cards ready
Andrés Manuel López Obrador - Photo: Lucía Godinez/EL UNIVERSAL

AMLO is getting the cards ready

Mexico City
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AMLO is getting the cards ready

We're told that the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is going through several “social aid cards” models, cards where money from social programs will be distributed. We're told that for now, some cards have logos from banks such as Banco Azteca and VOID. They explain that in the incoming days, Mr. Andrés will present the model or model of social aid cards that will be used during his administration, to deposit the money that will reach each of the beneficiaries. They say that the President-elect will do the presentation along with Rabindranath Salazar, who will be in charge of the project.

Economy class for everyone

And talking about the President-elect, Mr. Andrés complimented the media that follows him and commended them for being austere during the trips. The President-elect said that during other presidencies, even the journalists traveled in a presidential plane. “Now, how do you move around. The same. I have to thank you for being austere. We arrive together and get the job done without any issue,” said Andrés Manuel López Obrador, during a press conference at Durango's Government Palace, after meeting with the Governor, José Rosas Aispuro. So everyone will travel on economy class!

Navarrete's defense

The Internal Affairs Minister, Alfonso Navarrete Prida, was under fire, attacked by the opposition, now the majority, and he stood up to defend the outgoing federal government. A month and a half before the new administration takes office, Navarrete told the Senators that the work done by the current administration, by Peña Nieto's presidency, can't be overlooked. Mr. Alfonso, we're told, claimed that today a country with democratic governability exists, as well as strong institutions, healthy finances, and a stable economy. He bid farewell to the legislators with those words.

Other opinions about the new Airport

While trying to contribute to the debate about the New Mexico International Airport, the academy, along with tech companies, and a network of scientific institutions in the country, called on the incoming Communication and Transport Minister, Javier Jiménez Espriú, to meet with them to present him with a document with “verified information” to contribute to the formation of a solid public opinion in regards to this topic. The president of Mexico's Engineering Academy, José Francisco Albarrán Núñez; José Alonso Huerta Cruz, president of the National Network of the Council and Statewide Organisms of Science and Technology, as well as José Franco, coordinator of the Science and Technology Consultative Forum, among others, are set to attend. We're told that at this point, the experts want to be noticed. Is it timely?


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