Acapulco, besieged by crime

Acapulco, once the quintessential Mexican touristic destiny, now suffers the most serious insecurity and violence crisis in its history

Acapulco, besieged by crime
In Acapulco, murders take place everyday - Photo: Carlos Alberto Carbajal/CUARTOSCURO.COM
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Acapulco, once the quintessential Mexican touristic destiny, now suffers the most serious insecurity and violence crisis in its history.

Now, unlike decades ago, the famous port is not famous for having the “most beautiful bay in the world” anymore, but rather for holding the third place among the cities with the highest violence rates in the world.

The prevailing crime in Acapulco, critical from every angle, and which affects everyone, including locals, tourists, and businesspeople, is getting closer to an anarchy scenario where there is no authority capable of enforcing the law and order.

Therefore, as EL UNIVERSAL has previously documented, the productive activities in the port are, since months ago, totally or partially stalled.

The touristic visits have plummeted and with it, the profits, which aggravates the already critical situation of locals, who are already impoverished, the other issue is poverty, and now they are in the center of a battle between criminal groups for a “spot.”

In this context of generalized crime and violence, unfortunately not even public transport operators in Acapulco and its surroundings are safe. According to testimonies from the drivers, public transport has turned into a gold mine for the criminals, as they are making a profit off public transport.

And we're not saying that the attacks or harassment of drivers is the exception, or that they're events when the drivers turn into collateral damage. No. It's about a modus operandi, another side beside the extortion of shops and businesses, and of a situation that doesn't only occur in Acapulco. From 2009 to 2018, 1,200 drivers and drivers' leaders have been murdered in Guerrero. The situation is alarming.

In 2018 only, 80 executions of drivers in the port have been registered. In August, the crime wave registered 25 attacks against drivers: seven drivers were murdered, wounded six, shot five places, burnt 14 buses, and a body was left in a taxi. In September, the attacks followed the same trend.

Drivers in Acapulco, and with them the whole port city, have been caught of the bloody fight carried out by criminal bands, who in an infamous way, have murdered them, but not only for not paying them extortion rates, but even for paying it to the rival group, without being stopped by the authorities.


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