Abortion is a human right

Abortion is part of the right to self-determination, and every government is compelled to guarantee the right and safe conditions to have an abortion

Abortion is a human right
Mexican women marching in support of Argentinian women, who were looking for the decriminalization of abortion - Yain Xolalpa/EL UNIVERSAL
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Although many people think of abortion as unacceptable, a point of view mostly based on moral or religious principles, it is a fact that if a woman decides to terminate a pregnancy, just because she decided it, is a clear expression of freedom that every woman should be able to carry out.

In this sense, since it is a human right, the right to self-determination, every state is compelled to guarantee women the possibility and the right and safe conditions to have an abortion, regardless of the motivation for the unwanted pregnancy is the result of rape, if the mother lacks the economic resources or simply because the pregnant woman decided it based on personal reasons.

Just as the fight for equality between women and men, the fight for abortion around the world has entailed the social stigmatization of those who defend it and those who've had an abortion, in short, the a priori criminalization of women, just because they expect to be able to decide over something they have complete right to: their bodies.

Therefore, there are countries where there's the possibility that the government guarantees this decision and others don't. In some countries, the government guarantees that abortion is done safely, in ideal conditions, and as part of the right to sexual and reproductive health, but in other countries, this isn't the case and women are criminalized.

In Latin America, where the issue has been up for public debate in the last couple of months, thanks to the effort of a part of Argentinian society to decriminalize abortion all over the country, as well as in Brazil, where they are still discussing it, According to International Amnesty, 97% of women in a reproductive age live in countries where abortion is restricted and 95% of abortions are considered unsafe, according to the WHO. These are alarming numbers and the women who are in danger are low income, who don't have access to safe procedures.

It's clear that a woman who does not want to be a mother is capable of almost anything to end a pregnancy, even risking her life. This is why, but mainly because we're talking of a human right to decide about yourself, the states, rather than deciding if a woman should continue with pregnancy against their will, they should guarantee sexual education for all of society; to orientate women and men in a reproductive age and to promptly and without discriminating, address women who lawfully want to terminate a pregnancy.


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