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14,000 Hondurans are part of the migrant caravan
Help groups located in Esquipulas, Guatemala, are preparing for the arrival of other two large groups of around 3,000 to 4,000 Hondurans, who are looking to reach the Mexican border
One dead in confrontation at Norberto Rivera's home
The former cardinal was at home at the time but wasn't injured
EnvíoClick, Mexican shipping website arrives to Peru and Chile
EnvíoClick has had such a good response in Colombia where it attracts more clients every day, in a market with a size similar to that of Mexico
Compulsive eating: A growing problem in Mexico
According to UNAM specialists, more than 72% of Mexicans is overweight or obese
Streaming platforms portray sugar-coated version of Mexico
Netflix productions in Mexico look very nice on the outside, but often overlook poverty and crime
Taking the new Tesla Model 3 for a spin
In San Francisco, a team from EL UNIVERSAL was allowed to test drive the latest Tesla model
Mexico fights breast cancer
Today we bring you a list of Mexican inventions for the treatment of breast cancer
Teacher in Mexico City accused of child sexual abuse in kindergarten
A total of 37 children were sexually abused by a man who has been identified as Ramón “N,”
Mexico Women's Soccer mourns the murder of Marbella Ibarra
Marbella Ibarra, one of the leading promoters of Women's Soccer in Mexico was murdered
For 24 years, Indigenous Cucapá women have fought for their rights
The Cucapá indigenous community was affected in 1993 when the federal government forbade them from fishing
Honduran migrant caravan arrives in Mexico amidst U.S. threats
The Mexican government has committed to protect the 3,000 Honduran migrants on their way to the U.S.
AMLO will divide Mexico into 265 sections to fight crime
The sections will be coordinated by the Federal Police, the Mexican Army, and the Navy
2018 National Mole Fair
English Mole is a Mexican treasure thanks to its exquisite flavor and its Pre-Hispanic origin
Mexico adds 10 more Magic Villages to the list
English The Tourism Ministry (Sectur) announced that there will be 10 new Magic Villages in 2018
Mexican students design Motorcycle parking lot
English To make spaces more efficient and reduce theft rates, students from the IPN developed a proprototype
University students develop platform for women artisans in Yucatán
English The project is meant to help women artisans reap the potential of information and communication tech
IPN students design Battery Management Strategy
English IPN graduates in Mexico have designed a Waste Management Plan for Primary and Secondary Batteries
New trailer for “The Curse of La Llorona” shocks audiences in Mexico
English Directed by Michael Chaves, the movie will adapt the ancient Mexican legend of the Weeping Woman
English At 12:00 PM Alebrijes of all shapes and colors will be displayed at the city’s main square (Zócalo)
Mexican band “Bronco” to have their own TV series
English The TV series will be launched in 2019 and will dwell on the band's history
Mexican scientists develop hi-tech trawl gate for shrimp fishing
English A group of researchers have developed a state-of-the-art trawl gate to improve shrimp capture
Mexican students create makeup line made from hibiscus
English The students extract a pigment from the hibiscus flower, that helps to regenerate and heal the skin
Jorge Marín Foundation gives wings to Mexican migrants
English Billboards and clips of Patria Migrante will be put on display from October 15 to December 15
Mexico presents Day of the Dead mini-series for kids
English The episodes of "Sugar Skulls" will be aired on Discovery Kids from October 20 to November 20
Cameroonian President Paul Biya has won re-election by a landslide, extending his 36-year rule and cementing his place as one of Africa’s longest-serving rulers
The murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul has crudely exposed the narrow limits of the reforms undertaken by Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman and the contradictions of Riyadh’s long alliance with the United States