Female inmates tailor green wall mesh in Mexico City

The mesh will be used to cover 15 columns of Mexico City’s Periférico Green Freeway

Photo: Courtesy of the Deputy Direction of Mexico City’s Penitentiary System
English 22/01/2017 13:40 Eduardo Hernández Mexico City Actualizada 13:40
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Inmates from the Santa Martha Female Penitentiary in Mexico City tailor a special mesh for fifteen green walls of the Green Freeway Program in south Mexico City, with the possibility of extending their work to the over five hundred columns projected for 2017.

The Deputy Direction of Mexico City’s Penitentiary System noted that the training received by inmates is under the responsibility of specialized personnel from the Ministry of Labor and Promotion of Employment of Mexico City, which provided inmates with the necessary tailoring and textile skills required.

“The tailoring workshop of this correctional facility was used to train inmates, which in the course of ten days learned the proper techniques and use of materials to create a mesh in compliance with the regulations applicable”, said the Deputy Director of the Penitentiary System of Mexico City, Hazael Ruíz Ortega.

He added, that the sixteen inmates participating in the workshop receive a financial scholarship and that over two-hundred women serving time are expected to join the program in the next six months.

By the end of their first training, participants were able to tailor 1000sqm of the special mesh to cover fifteen columns in Periférico’s Green Freeway Program.

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