2 police officers and 1 gunmen dead following shootout in Cancun

Several shootings were reported today at the state prosecutor's office and a police station in Cancun; three people have been arrested in connection to the incident so far.

Screenshot of minister's video addressing today's deadly attacks.
English 17/01/2017 19:44 Newsroom Cancun Actualizada 19:44
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Quintana Roo's Minister of Public Safety, Rodolfo del Ángel Campos, released a video on his social media accounts where he shed light on the attacks by armed groups earlier today at the State Attorney General's offices and a police station in Cancun.

The minister says in the video that two officers were killed in the incident, as well as one of the gunmen.

He also says that three people have since been arrested and a code red was issued at the time of the attacks.

He concluded by saying that the situation has been contained and general calm has been restored in the area. 

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