Honeywell to keep investments in Mexico

President of Honeywell Mexico and Latin America said that the R&D center opened in Mexico is a long term project

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English 15/01/2017 15:19 Carla Martínez Mexico Actualizada 15:24
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Craig Reese, President of Honeywell Mexico and Latin America, said that the Research and Development center opened in Mexico is a long term project: “The main reason to open this center in Mexico is its people, we are teamed up with Mexico for the long run”.

The Head of the Mexican Space Agency, Javier Mendieta, was pleased for the trust instilled in Mexico with the opening of this center, which “will design products and enable work for the search of technological solutions for the whole of Latin America, with the talent of young Mexican engineers”, as expressed through a release from his agency.

For its part, the Ministry of Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo, noted that Honeywell’s four business groups will be present at this center and will provide customers with airspace products and services, as well as turbochargers for commercial and passenger vehicles, among others: “The new Honeywell’s center represents a vote of confidence that cements Mexico as a relevant investment destination with a solid source of engineering talent”, he concluded.

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