Mexico City to give low-income families baby cribs

The program was modeled after a similar Finnish program, which provides mothers with a starter kit and cardboard crib.

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English 15/12/2016 18:43 Diana Villavicencio Mexico City Actualizada 20:53
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Mexico City's Legislative Assembly voted unanimously today to approve a bill that increases funding for the “Mexico City Baby Crib” program by 2 million pesos (approximately 100,000 dollars).

The president of the Child Development and Assistance Committee, Penelope Campos, said that this program helps vulnerable mothers provide care for their newborns and reduce infant mortality rates in the country's capital.

The program, which was modeled after a similar Finnish program, consists of providing mothers with a cardboard kit that doubles as a crib and that contains hygiene products, clothes, blankets, toys, thermometers, educational books, a birth certificate and a pamphlet with a comprehensive list of the public services provided by the Mexico City Government.

The bill, which was approved yesterday my the city's congress, was sent to the office of Mexico City's Governor, Miguel Ángel Mancera, to be signed into law.

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