Mexican senator injured in motorcycle accident

According to police reports, 4 men attacked the legislator after ramming their vehicle into her motorcycle.

EL UNIVERSAL/file photo
English 12/12/2016 18:20 Alberto Morales Actualizada 18:21
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Mexican senator Ana Gabriela Guevara was injured in a motorcycle accident while traveling on a highway between Mexico City and Toluca, but is in good condition, confirmed her party's parliamentary coordinator Manuel Bartlett.

“She was in an accident, but she's well. She apparently fell off her motorcycle but she is in good condition,” said Bartlett in an interview.

According to police reports, the senator from the Mexican state of Sonora was “attacked” by four individuals in a motor vehicle who rammed into the motorcycle that the senator was traveling in.

The senator was heading back to the country's capital after a weekend trip to the lake resort town of Valle de Bravo, around 95 miles southwest of Mexico City, at the time of the accident.

However, Bartlett denied this version of the story and claimed that the legislator of the Mexican Workers' Party is loved by everyone” and has no enemies.

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