Mexican Archdiocese sees public servants bonus as “scandalous and insulting”

In the weekly newspaper “Out of Faith”, the Mexican Archdiocese stated that in the face of Federal Budgetary cuts programmed for 2017, the bonus comes as “outrageous” for most Mexicans

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English 11/12/2016 19:10 Astrid Rivera Mexico City Actualizada 11:15
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The Mexican Archdiocese referred to self-conferred end of the year bonus of congressmen and senators as “scandalous” and called for a revision of the public service management and for a reevaluation of the conditions for the distribution of wealth in the country.

“The immoral” is the title of the newspaper editorial from Catholic weekly newspaper “Out of Faith”, which expressed that in the face of “drastic budgetary cuts” to the social and agricultural development, science, technology and cultural sectors that are programmed in the Expenditure Budget of the Nation for 2017, it is “outrageous” to know of the soaring and “frankly insulting and scandalous” allowances destined to congressmen and senators.

The newspaper editorial stated that each of the senators will receive bonuses for over US$11,500, while congressmen will get a bonus for over US$6,000 “plus annual compensations given in a blank cheque, deriving in unknown amounts, Christmas bonuses and discretionary savings banks that keep the Mexican people in the dark”.

“The immoral” also mentions that the Senior Auditor of the Nation will be awarded with over US$19,000, while each of the Supreme Court Justices will receive over US$28,000 and over US$18,000 will be awarded for each of the judiciary council members. Similarly, magistrates of the Federal Electoral Court of the Judicial Authority (TEPJF) will receive over US$28,000.

Additionally, over US$26,000 will be destined for each of the electoral counselors of the National Electoral Institute (INE), while the president of the Mexican Human Rights Commission (CNDH) will receive over US$19,000.

“The aim of detailing this soaring amounts is not idle, as they show how the scandalous end of the year rewards are just the tip of the iceberg in the sum of annual benefits that go beyond the pages of this weekly editorial. Why should Mexicans endure the provision of such compensations? Why do public officers rage against poverty when, at the same time, they promote personal perks that engender wealthy bureaucrats? Why should the essential be reduced to conceal the immoral?”, this reflection was expressed in the editorial.

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