Trump and Clinton turn to Twitter in final attempt to get more votes

“Don't let up, keep getting out to vote!” urged Trump on election night.

English 08/11/2016 17:57 EFE New York Actualizada 17:57
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Trump and Clinton have taken to Twitter in a final attempt to get more votes as the first polls begin to close.

“Don't let up, keep getting out to vote!” said Trump on his Twitter account.

“This election is FAR FROM OVER! We are doing well but there is much time left. GO FLORIDA!” added the reality TV star turned presidential candidate.

Clinton, meanwhile, whose also using Twitter to reach potential undecided voters, said that the elections are “going to be close” and urged voters to “confirm where you vote.”

“We need you on this team,” tweeted Hillary Clinton in a message urging those who've already voted to “jump on the phone and remind voters in key battleground states to go vote.”

More than 200,000,000 U.S. Americans are eligible to vote today to elect a president, reelect all house members, a third of the country's 100 senators and 12 state governors. 

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