Actual snake on a plane caught on film in Mexico

Airline officials have launched an investigation into how the snake got on board the plane.

English 07/11/2016 14:17 Mexico Actualizada 14:45
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After a video was shared on social media of a snake terrifying passengers on a domestic flight traveling from Torreón, Coahuila to Mexico City on Sunday, Aeroméxico has announced that it has launched an investigation into how the reptile managed to get on board the plane.

In a press release, airline officials said that preflight procedures are currently being evaluated to “determine how the animal managed to get in the cabin and the proper preventative measures have been taken to prevent any similar incidents.”

Due to the reptile's presence on board and in accordance with security protocols, the flight made was given priority landing at the Mexico City airport and landed immediately after crew members became aware of the situation. The animal was captured shortly after landing.

Airline officials also said that its priority is always the safety of its passengers and crew and “we work around the clock to meet the highest possible safety and quality standards possible.”  

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