Mexico’s Commissioner for Victim Assistance steps down

Susana Thalia Pedroza de la Llave made her resignation known to president Peña Nieto and the corresponding authorities via her twitter account

Photo: Susana T. Pedroza twitter account
English 06/11/2016 16:39 Newsroom Mexico Actualizada 16:43
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The Commissioner for the Mexican Executive Commission for Victim Assistance (CEAV), Susana Thalía Pedroza de la Llave, stepped down and announced her decision to president Peña Nieto, to the Minister of the Interior, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong and to the corresponding authorities in the Mexican Senate through a message posted in her twitter account earlier today.

“Mr. President @EPN,I hereby irrevocably resign as the Commissioner of the @CEAVmex.Thank you.”


Pedroza de la Llave detailed that her resignation has already been formalized in writing and that she will present it signed first thing tomorrow morning in the corresponding federal premises. She also noted that the nature of her decision has to do with “external factors and events” that have taken place “against the Commission for Victim Assistance (@CEAVmex)”.

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