Mexican actress Lupita Tovar passes away at 106

The Mexican actress also performed for the Hollywood screens of 1920s silent films

Tovar visits EL UNIVERSAL printing press – Photo: Archive/ EL UNIVERSAL
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Oaxacan-born Lupita Tovar entered the history of Mexican cinema in the 1930s by starring in Santa, a sound film directed by Antonio Moreno, where Tovar made her debut in the newly born sound film industry by playing a woman that turned to prostitution after suffering from an amorous deception. She is still remembered for the opening line in Santa “Here, have a sip of this freshly collected water”.

Lupita Tovar was discovered by American documentalist Robert J. Flaherty, who took her to Hollywood and was in charge of her acting training. Tovar rapidly learned English ans was able to participate in small roles in the silent films of 1920s Hollywood.

Tovar retired from the film industry in 1945, after the release of The Crime Doctor’s Courage, to devote herself to her family and was awarded with a Lifetime Achievement Golden Ariel in 2001.

She is regarded as one of the top figures of the Mexican Cinema Golden Age, together with María Félix, Dolores del Río, Blanca Estela Pavón, Katy Jurado and Lilia Prado.

Guadalupe Natalia Tovar Sullivan died in her residency in Los Ángeles California surrounded by her family.


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