Retired general's daughter kidnapped while driving on highway

The Ministry of National Defense has yet to comment on whether she's been rescued.

Photo: EL UNIVERSAL Archives
English 28/10/2016 16:44 Dennis A. García Actualizada 16:46

According to investigators, the daughter of a retired general was kidnapped on a federal highway while driving into Mexico City when an SUV closed in on her vehicle and proceeded to abduct her. The Ministry of National Defense, which is handling the case, has yet to comment on the kidnapping or whether she's been rescued.

Mexico's Federal Commission for Victims of Crime condemned the kidnapping and pledged their full support for the family members of the victim.

Julio Hernández Barros, head of the commission, said he's making sure family members receive the necessary legal advice and psychological and medical attention.

In an official press release, Hernández Barros said: “The Commission deeply regrets the kidnapping of the retired general's daughter and condemns all acts of violence in the country. We will provide the victim's family members with all the resources they may need in accordance with the General Victim's Law.”

“In accordance with the General Victim's Law, all victims of a crime are required to receive federal legal assistance and free and effective medical attention, as well as professional treatment that allows both direct and indirect victims their physical and mental rehabilitation,” he continued.

According to Hernández Barros, kidnappings in Mexico is one of the crimes that affects Mexicans the most, since the consequences that victims of kidnappings suffer, as well as indirect victims of the crime such as family members, are severe and permanent, since the crime doesn't only affect people physically, it also affects their assets. He also said that all Mexicans are possible victims of kidnappings.

“This is why the federal government has passed laws that severely punish those who hurt or put into danger one of the most valuable things for a human being: their personal liberty. The federal government has also implemented several actions to decrease the risk and increase the conditions of security of citizens,” he concluded.