Going grocery shopping in Mexico City subway station

This is the first fruit stand opened in the entire Public Subway System; authorities reckon the potential more healthy food stands would bring to other subway stations

Photo: “The Healthy Treat” offers a different option for commuters who want to move away from junk food – Photo: Christopher Rogel / EL UNIVERSAL
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Fresh bananas, apples, melons, guavas, pears, peaches, grapes, kiwi fruit, oranges, limes and grapefruit bring a refreshing scent to commuters in the always busy Balderas subway station, in the heart of Mexico City.

This is the first fruit shop stand, that is legally opened inside one of the Public Subway System (STC) stations, to provide fresh and healthy produce for the million of commuters, most of them suffering from obesity, who pass by the very same spot every day of the week.

William Mata encouraged business partner and friend Kemmy Taboada to bring his idea forward: “Just picture this: fresh fruit in the subway! I’ve got the fruit and you’ve got the subway stands; you are commuting home and you are hungry, you see fresh fruit and you feel like buying one, you will certainly come back for more the other day because you can take it to school, work or back home; besides, people who lack the time to do their grocery shopping or those who work in other underground stands all day, can become our customers too”.

Their fruit stand opened last October 11 and it currently operates in a schedule from six in the morning to eleven at night. The most popular product is the “school lunch” package, which offers a banana, a guava and an orange for only five pesos or twenty-seven cents of a dollar.

“These days, we are stocking our fruit stand with sixty fresh produce boxes coming from the states of Veracruz, Tabasco, Chiapas and Guerrero”, Mata noted.

Jorge Gaviño, head of the Public Subway System (STC) explained that his office intends to promote the opening of two more healthy food stands in high passenger flow stations of Indios Verdes and Centro Médico or Salto del Agua and that meetings are already been held, with leaders of different associations of subway stand owners, to shift to the sale of healthy food in the whole of the Mexico City public subway system.

Data shows that there are currently 1480 underground stands destined for commerce and that around 30% of them (almost 444) sell food of some sort. Gaviño confirmed that his office plans to turn 70 of those food stands into fruit shops over the next eighteen months: “We want to have proper healthy food commerce premises in every busy subway station, of the twelve lines that make up our public subway system”, he concluded.


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