Humberto Moreira returns to Mexico

He is expected to arrive in Mexico City at 20:00 hrs.

Moreira was released from the Soto del Real prison in Madrid after a judge reviewed the documents provided by his lawyer.
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The former governor of Coahuila arrives tonight after recovering his passport.

Humberto Moreira Valdés, former leader of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), left Madrid at 14:00 hrs. local time and is expected to arrive in Mexico City at 20:00 hrs.

Yesterday he recovered his passport, that was held by Madrid's National Audience after Moreira, who is also former governor of Coahuila, was arrested on January 15, accused of presumed money laundering and embezzlement. In 2013, Moreira made several transfers for almost 2000,000 euros to three accounts in Spanish banks.

However judge Santiago Pedraz ordered his release from the Soto del Real prison in Madrid a week later after reviewing the documents provided by Moreira's lawyer, Manuel Ollé.  


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