Protesters mark 15 months of the Ayotzinapa students disappearance in Iguala

They held a rally and placed wreaths in their memory.

(Foto: Dassaev Téllez/EL UNIVERSAL)
English 27/12/2015 19:50 Newsroom Iguala, Guerrero Actualizada 19:50
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Family, friends and activists marched in the city of Iguala, Guerrero, to mark 15 months of the disappearance of the 43 teachers in training from Ayotzinzapa, supposedly at the hands of criminal gangs.

The demonstrators left floral offerings in the area where the corpse of one of the students, Julio César Mondragón, was left after the multiple kidnapping of the youngsters at the hands of criminals and municipal police the night of September 26.

The group also held a rally and reiterated their demand to have the youngsters returned to them alive.

"The memory of our colleagues, despite the time elapsed, gives us the strength to continue," expressed Felipe de la Cruz, who voiced his hope to also find those responsible of the students disappearance.

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