Snow alert in the state of Sonora

Some roads are covered in ice and caution is recommended.

A trailer truck braves an ice covered road. (Photo: SPECIAL)
English 26/12/2015 22:34 Amalia EscobarHermosillo, Sonora Actualizada 22:34
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Governor Claudia Pavlovich issued an alert due to the low temperatures due to the fifth storm of the winter season, which has blanketed in snow at least 12 municipalities, the closure of two roads to the neighbouring Chihuahua and temperatures well below 10 degrees Fahrenheit in some areas.

The Department of Civil Protection is using social networks to report that the Yécora road to the state of Chihuahua has been closed starting noon today.

The ice covered the road between Mesa Campanero and Puerto de la Cruz, as well as the road between Puerto San Luis and Janos, only allowing cars and pickups there, and no heavy cargo vehicles.

There is also a reported emergency in Hermosillo and 62 more municipalities due to the storm and the effects of cold front number 24.

Alberto Flores Chong, holder of the State Unit for Civil Protection, reported that the cold front that arrived on December 24 has already dropped snow in Cananea, Naco, Agua Prieta, Fronteras, Nacozari, Bacerac, Babispe, Huachineras, Bacadehuachi, Nácori Chico, Sahuaripa and Yécora.

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Sonora snow emergency alert
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