26 | MAR | 2019
The van was found in Navolato, Sinaloa. (Photo: Special)

Authorities confirm identity of Australian surfers found in burnt-out van

Javier Cabrera Martínez / Corresponsal
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Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman were last seen alive in Topolobampo.

The Attorney General of Sinaloa confirmed the identity of the two Australian surfers whose charred bodies were found inside a van last month after they were reported missing.

Authorities confirmed that the remains belong to Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman, although they are still waiting for some documents to complete the identification process.

The Australian surfers had planned to reach the western city of Guadalajara on November 21 but they never arrived, according to Josie Cox, girlfriend of Lucas. The van was found in Navolato, Sinaloa, and Lucas and Coleman were last seen alive in Topolobampo.

So far authorities have arrested three suspects in connection with the murder: Sergio Simón Benítez González, Julio César González Muñiz and Martín Rogelio Muñiz Ponce, though two more, Luis Enrique and/or José Luis Espinoza and Jesús Uriel Camacho Labrada, remain at large. 

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