Tigres wins the Apertura 2015

They defeated Pumas with a score of 4-2 on penalty shots, 4-4 overall.

The UANL scorer celebrates a dramatic victory (Photo: Imago7)
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Tigres UNAL won its fourth championship, despite wasting an advantage of 3-0 prior to impose itself over Pumas UNAM on penalty shots, ending a dramatic and spectacular match.

Pumas, which had fallen by 3-0 in the first leg, tied the global at home. In the extra time, Gignac scored again on the 103 and it seemed that Tigres would win for sure, but Uruguayan Gerardo Alcoba tied at 4-4 on the 119 and the match had to be decided on penalty shots.

It was then that the visitor won by 4-2.

The French striker, who arrived from the Olympique Marseille, scored for the third consecutive time and ended the season with 15 goals, the highest figure in the Mexican league.

Tigers, which had not won the Apertura since 2011, had a previous victory over Pumas in the 1977-78 season, as well as the 1981-82 tournament.

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