22 | MAR | 2019
A passenger flying from Mexico City to Cancun apparently warned about a bomb in the plane. (Photo: File)

False bomb threat costs almost a million to Volaris

Sara Cantera
Mexico City
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The Mexican airline is still evaluating damages.

Mexican airline Volaris reported that a false bomb alert on flight 714 last December 8 could cost up to US$865,275 in damages and losses.

Volaris added that those numbers could be increased as the investigations on the incident continue.

A passenger on that flight, in route from Mexico City to Cancun, apparently warned about a bomb in the plane, activating the security protocols in the International Airport of Mexico City (MCIA).

Other passengers reported via Twitter that after the threat, that person opened one of the security gates, causing the deployment of one of the emergency slides of the plane.

In a statement, Volaris said that disruptive and violent passengers not only disturb other people, but also put them at risk.

Therefore, Volaris added that it expects an exemplary legal action against that individual.


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