Two of the Mexicans wounded in Egypt are also U.S. citizens

The information was confirmed by the hospital.

The wounded continue under treatment. (Photo: AP)
English 14/09/2015 17:58 Actualizada 17:58

Two of the six Mexicans wounded by Egyptian forces by mistake during a tour of the desert are also U.S. citizens, according to a spokesperson of the Dar Al-Fouad hospital in Cairo, where they are under treatment.

Spokeswoman Mona el-Bakri reported that the two individuals have both the Mexican and U.S. nationalities. The spokesperson of the U.S. embassy, Brian Shott, expressed that Washington is investigating if some of its citizens were involved in the incident.

At least two Mexicans were killed and six more were injured when Egyptian police and soldiers attacked a group of tourists believing them to be terrorists.

Apparently, the tourists were in the desert due to a confusion, according to local media.