The Reynosa authorities reported a situation of risk. (Photo: SPECIAL)

Clashes and blockades reported in Reynosa

Newsroom / Mexico City
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The authorities face armored civilians in the west area

A series of clashes between the federal forces and armored civilians were reported in Reynosa, along multiple roadblocks in the city.

A source from the Office of the Attorney General in Reynosa reported that the situation began at 2:00 p.m. in the El Olmo neighborhood, when federal forces were attacked after capturing a group of criminals, among them a suspected leader of the criminal gang which dominates the area.

A series of clashes and persecutions came as a result in the west areas of the city, with blockades on the exits to Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey, Ciudad Victoria and Matamoros.

The blockades were also imposed in the avenues of the city and collapsed the central area, due to the presence of public transportation vehicles in all the bridges and overpasses connecting the downtown area with the rest of the city.

The things got to the point that during a confrontation in the area of Puerta Sur, the federal force were reinforced by a helicopter gunship of the Mexican Navy.

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