'Professor Jirafales' leaves the hospital ... for lack of money

He needs a gallbladder surgery, but he owes money to the hospital since December and needs support from the actors guild.

The actor has requested the support from the Mexican actors guild for his health treatments. (Archive/ELUNIVERSAL)
English 20/06/2015 17:09 Actualizada 17:09

Rubén Aguirre left the hospital without having been subjected to a required gallbladder surgery, due to a debt stemming since December.

In an interview, Veronica Aguirre, daughter of the actor known for the character of "Professor Jirafales" on the TV show "El Chavo Del 8," confirmed that her dad left the clinic to which he arrived three days before, due to severe pains in the back caused by stones in the gallbladder.

"My father was hospitalized three days. The doctors kept him under observation during that time until this Friday, when he left the hospital, despite not being discharged," she said.

"His treatment is still pending," she added.

Aguirre added that it is imperative that the National Association of Actors pays the treatment for her 81-year-old father.

"My father is stable. He is currently in his home in Puerto Vallarta following a daily therapy recommended by the doctors and resting," she said.

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