23 | OCT | 2019
Marco Fabián gives some advice to Medina. (Photo: AP)

Mexico falls to Ecuador 2-1

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'El Tri' leaves Copa America with a bad taste.

The expected failure of 'El Tri' in Copa America finally came to be after being defeated 2-1 by Ecuador in a match held in El Teniente stadium.

Ecuador was better than the Mexican team, so much that since the start it put the rivals in danger and caused nightmares to goalie Jesús Corona.

'El Tri' did not give it all on the field, becoming a faded shadow of the team that faced Chile. Before Ecuador it appeared distracted and unfocused.

After the first 20 minutes, Mexico became a vague danger when Vuoso fought for the ball with the Ecuadorian defense, but after he won the battle he did not manage to score.

Five minutes later, Bolaños received a pass and eluded Corona.

Ecuador was very superior to Mexico, but did not capitalize the onslaught from Bolaños, Noboa and Enner Valencia, the most active player in the game.

In the second half, the Mexican debacle became clearer and was unable to repel the attacks.

Valencia entered into a mano-a-mano with Corona and scored the second Ecuadorian goal on the 57.

Mexico tried to respond with the entry of Aquinas, Marco Fabián and Eduardo Herrera, but the Mexican offensive lacked shape and was unable to generate danger.

However, Raúl Jiménez was able to score on the 64, with a penalty shot, but that was as far as the Mexican team was able to go.

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