Julio César Chávez will return to the ring

The former champ will participate in an exhibition match.

The champ is helping people fight against drugs and alcohol. (Photo: Archive/ EL UNIVERSAL)
16/06/2015 17:33 Notimex Actualizada 17:33
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Former boxer Julio César Chávez will return to the ring, albeit with headgear this time, for an exhibition match looking into raising funds and continue providing help to people with addictions.

The Parque Revolución of Culiacán, Sinaloa, will see on July 3 the return of Chávez, the first Mexican to win three world titles in different categories, in combat with Mario "Jet" Martínez, back after 31 years.

"I'm going to fight but with headgear, it is an exhibition match in Culiacán. I'm going to do it with the 'Jet,' in the revenge that never came to be," expressed Chávez, who wants to organize more events of the sort.

"A rehab-center is not something easy to keep. You have to pay doctors, electricity, water, medics. It's very hard for me. Also, not many people can pay for the service. How can we deny them help since they come crying? One has to sustain the cost of the patient for five or six months, which is why I am making this foundation, to raise funds", he explained.

Chávez, who was able to overcome his problems with alcohol and drugs, now helps those who suffer from those problems with his "Baja del Sol" centers, in Tijuana and Culiacán. He is planning the opening of two more in Guadalajara and Mexico City.

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