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More than 1,000 clandestine graves found in Mexico since 2006
Mexico has a troubling lack of anthropologists and criminal experts, which makes it hard to identify the bodies
Most dangerous boroughs in Mexico City
The first half of 2019 showed an expansion and diversification of criminal groups in Mexico City
9 out of 10 people arrested by Mexican authorities are tortured and sexually abused
More than 10,000 people deprived of their liberty in Mexico have suffered sexual assault and torture
More than 11,000 people displaced by violence in Mexico
The country also registered between 11 and 13 thousand new displaced persons due to the tropical storm Willa
Honduran family attacks Mexican merchants
The video has been shared on social media countless times, fueling a xenophobic sentiment among many Mexicans
Mexico to deploy 10,200 officers to the most dangerous cities
Violence has spiraled over the last decade amid a military-led war on drug trafficking
Dozens of bodies found near the Mexico-US border
Tamaulipas has become one of the most violent states in Mexico, convulsed by drug trafficking, extortion rackets, and the exploitation of migrants