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5 Holy Week processions in Mexico
Holy Week processions are moving representations and a show of the fusion between folklore, religion, and faith
Here you can find roses, tulips, orchids, and hundreds of other flowers at great prices
Mexico is the only city in the world where these figures are dressed up as saints, doctors, football players, firefighters, among other characters
The world's biggest 3 Kings Cake
The previous record holder was Switzerland, with a Rosca that measured 973.24 meters long
Oaxaca celebrates Christmas with radishes
The “Night of the Radishes” is a way to celebrate Christmas in a unique way
Indigenous women rescue the waist loom
The Huaves' life revolves around the sea and they usually reproduce sea elements such as fish, shrimp, crabs, sea snails, dolphins, turtles, and even mermaids
Piñatas are said to have originated in China, then they were taken to Italy and Europe, and became especially popular Spain
The Aztecs used this plant in both celebrations and rituals as a symbol of the purity and the new life of the warriors
For over 200 years, Mexicans and Guatemalans illegally cross the border dividing their countries, driven by their faith
Our Lady of Guadalupe
As a cultural reinforcement of two cults