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Mexico is now a member of the International e-Sports Federation
Mexico's National e-Sports Federation is now the 47th member of the International e-Sports Federation
UNAM wins second place at Robocup 2018
RoboCup is an annual robotics competition seeking to promote the development of new robotic technologies
Styler: The Mexican dating app for fashion lovers
The new Mexican dating app, Styler, uses an algorithm for users to meet based on their clothing style
Mexicans willing to pay more for better broadband services
Mexican users of telephone and broadband services would be willing to pay a lot more for wider coverage, better reception, and faster internet access
Huichol brings internet to Nayarit mountain range
Octavio Salas used to labor at a tobacco plantation. Now, he is an accomplished entrepreneur
Students win 8 medals at robotics competition
These IPN students won 5 gold medals in one of the most important robotics contests in Latin America
Water purifying bubble system created in Mexico
Rubén Ramos' bubble system can make polluted water drinkable. It is also ideal for desalinization plants, industries and homes
Mexicans pay the most for web TV in Latin America
Out of the 18.2 million active accounts in Mexico, Netflix is the market leader with 63% of subscriptions
Mexico has 79.1 million Internet users
The study revealed that the population of between 25 and 34 years of age are the heaviest Internet users
The first Mexican brand of electric cars starts production in Puebla
Mexican automotive brand Zacua uses an electric power source designed by the French firm Chatenet, and developed by Dynamik Technological Alliance