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1,500 workers laid off after strikes in Tamaulipas
Index has registered 1,500 layoffs in 50 manufacturing industries in Matamoros, Tamaulipas
3 out of 10 marriages in Mexico end in divorce
While the number of marriages has shown a decline, divorces have become more and more common
More than 1 million people in Mexico without a birth certificate
According to INEGI and UNICEF, around 0.8% of Mexico's total population doesn't have a birth certificate
Morton to hold auction for orphaned children in Mexico City
Morton will gather funds to assist orphans of policemen and women killed in the line of duty
Children with cancer decorated at robotics competition in Mexico
Emmanuel and Ivan, aged 8 and 6, presented a project at the First Lego League Jr. to build a lunar space station
LGBT+ museum announced in Yucatán
The government of Motul, Yucatán will create Mexico's first Gay and Lesbian Museum
“Teacher of the van” sells sweatshirts to raise funds for school
He plans to buy a sheet metal roof, finish building the school toilets, and buy an air conditioning system
Mexican women: Top viewers of online porn
According to Pornhub's annual report, the number of female porn viewers has increased worldwide
4 out of 10 young people in Mexico living in poverty: Coneval
54.1% of young people living in poverty have a job while 41.5% were non-economically active
University students develop platform for women artisans in Yucatán
The project is meant to help women artisans reap the potential of information and communication tech