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UNAM student develops process to instantly detect contaminants in water
Through an experiment, Víctor Ulises Lev Contreras Loera, from the Physical Sciences Institute (ICF) in Cuernavaca, demonstrated that the use of acoustic waves can improve the contaminants detection in water
NASA invites young Mexican to participate in space program
For the second time in a row, Jonathan Sánchez Pérez will participate in NASA's international program
Young engineer from NASA promotes space science in Mexico
Mexican-American Miguel del Castillo Hoffman is a software engineer at the Ames Research Center of NASA in California
12-year-old genius to study biomedical physics in Mexico
The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) will accept a 12-year-old for the first time ever
Mexican high school students win bronze at International Physics Olympiad
The young students obtained four bronze medals and a honorable mention in Lisbon, Portugal
Students from IPN develop nut-based product for hair loss
Students of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) have developed a treatment to help fight genetic alopecia
UNAM develops early warning system to prevent natural disasters
Through satellite imagery, UNAM is working on the timely prevention of casualties from natural disasters
Mexican scientists study anti-matter in Russia
Scientists from renowned Mexican universities will study the origins of the universe at JINR, in Russia
Scientists from UNAM develop sustainable PET degradation method
The scientists have developed a new simple and efficient chemical process to regenerate PET products
Scientists from UNAM develop chayote to treat cancer
The crude extract of this "super" chayote contains a powerful antitumor and antineoplastic