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Scimitar-toothed cats also lived in Mexico, study shows
Described as a 'Machairodus coloradensis,' the scimitar-toothed cat was thought to be endemic to the U.S.
Girl Power: Mexican students triumph at Mathematical Olympiad
Interior Minister Olga Sánchez congratulated the students on their achievement
Mexican student develops cactus mucilage capsules to purify water
UVM student Shirley Kimberly Enríquez developed a cactus mucilage capsule capable of purifying water
Mexican high school students to participate in Robofest World Championship
Their Arpa Laser project aims to help children learn English through music
Mexican scientist gains international recognition for Mars research
A scientist from UNAM, Rafael Navarro González wrote a paper on the role of hydrogen in Mars' climate
Mexican illustrator wins Margaret Flockton Award in Australia
The works will be on display at the Joseph Maiden Theater until Sunday, April 14
Mexican scientists create ice cream to treat colitis
The new Saludatto ice cream can improve calcium absorption and diminish symptoms of colitis
Bacteria, one of the causes behind child obesity
Scientists are worried about the increasing childhood obesity rates in the country, which has been described as an epidemic by the World Health Organization
Nat Geo opens first VR science park in Mexico
National Geographic now presents its "Ultimate Explorer" park, featuring a new virtual reality experience
Mexican youth launches 20 nanosatellites into space
More than 300 children from the state of Aguascalientes participated at the event