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 Born 105 years ago, Google remembers the late Mexico astronomer with a stary sky doodle underlining Orions Belt or "Tres Marías" stellar arrangement
Born 105 years ago, Google remembers the late Mexico astronomer with a stary sky underlining Orion's Belt "Tres Marías" stellar arrangement
Nanosatellites to be launched into space
At the Discover Interactive Museum of Science and Technology of Aguascalientes
IPN students develop a sounding rocket of sorts
A sounding rocket or research rocket is an instrument-carrying rocket designed to take measurements and perform scientific experiments during its sub-orbital flight
The UNAM and IPN want to build a small satellite for Mexico
The UNAM and IPN will announce the bases to build a small satellite and boost technology development
The anti-cancer potential of a Coahuila desert flower
Mexican scientists have confirmed the flower has potential anti-cancer properties
Meet Xóchitl, the 8-year-old who won the “ICN Recognition for Women”
For demonstrating outstanding skills in science diffusion despite her young age
Mexican nanosatellite to be launched in 2019
NASA has validated the second stage to launch “AzTechSat-1”
Oaxaca is one of the states with the highest seismic activity in Mexico, accounting for 25% of quakes
According to the Mexican Space Agency, Mexico is willing to participate in the development of outer space initiatives
The Museum aims to become the main center for the research of the Chicxulub crater, and meteor and asteroid impacts