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Pati Jinich shares the wonders of Mexican gastronomy with the world
She has cooked at the White House for the Obamas and for Sesame Street
Mexican chef Daniela Soto-Innes wins World’s Best Female Chef Award
Soto-Innes grew up in Mexico City and recounts in an interview that her grandmother taught her that food tastes better if you put love and joy into it
The Tamal and Atole Festival is coming to Xochitla!
You will be able to enjoy delicious tamales and atoles from February 2 to February 4 to celebrate Candlemas.
Tamales: an icon of Mexican cuisine
On January 6, Mexican families get together to eat rosca and whoever gets Baby Jesus inside their bread, has to buy tamales on February 2
Chilaquiles, Mexico's favorite breakfast dish
Nothing compares to a delicious plate of chilaquiles for breakfast or lunch, one of the most popular dishes in Mexico
Thanks to a strong influx of restaurateurs seeking to exalt Mexican cuisine while preserving the beauty and traditions of what was once a small Olmec settlement that stood next to a stream
Rescuing native maize
There's no Mexican neighborhood without a “tortillería”, that “corn temple” where families buy their fresh tortillas
Oaxaca & Yucatán: Mexico's culinary hub
Mexican cuisine is a favorite all over the world, thanks to its authentic flavors
Mexico bakes the biggest tamale in the world
The Guinness World Records' organizers confirmed that Villahermosa obtained the world record with a 164-feet-long tamal
The story behind tacos
During the conquest and colonial times, this product began to become more popular and was named “tortilla” because the Spanish thought it looked like a “torta”