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Mexican tourists vandalize 65-million-year-old rock in Tamaulipas
The Rubio García family was bold enough to leave a signature in the ancient natural monument
UAEH’s request to unblock bank accounts rejected by district court
A second district court denied a request by the University of Hidalgo to unblock their bank accounts
Death of 63-year-old man ruled ‘homicide’ at the hands of Pablo Lyle
Judge Alan S. Fine on Monday set bail for Mexican soap opera actor Pablo Lyle at USD$50,000
Mexican actor Pablo Lyle has bail set at USD$50K in Miami
Lyle's lawyers said that he only punched the victim once and never intended to kill anyone
Man dies in Miami after Mexican actor punched him in the face
The 63-year-old man Mexican actor Pablo Lyle beat up in Miami last weekend passed away yesterday
Mexican U.S. resident behind North Korea embassy raid in Spain
Mexican national Adrián Hong Chang led a group of 10 intruders into the embassy on February 22
Convicted drug lord Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán seeks new trial
Prosecutors said Guzmán trafficked tons of cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamine into the United States over two decades
Karime Macías requests details of her arrest warrant
The fugitive requested a copy of the arrest warrant that was filed against her for embezzling MXN$112 million
Mexican brands sell soy instead of tuna, PROFECO warns
Mexican tuna brands such as Aurrera, Great Value, and others, have been selling tuna cans containing up to 62% soy
Mexican university investigated for money laundering
On February 26, Mexico's Financial Intelligence Unit froze several bank accounts linked to the University of Hidalgo (UAEH)