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UNAM announces museum to promote poetry and arts in indigenous languages
The UNAM has announced the creation of a new museum to promote indigenous poetry and other art forms
The Pre-Hispanic dye on the brink of extinction
With only 15 traditional dyers left and its source endangered by tourism and fishing, this dye is about to disappear
16 things which can only be produced in Mexico
Mangoes, alcoholic drinks, rice, and chili peppers are some of the products with a designation of origin in Mexico
France to restore Mexican monuments damaged by earthquakes
France will help restore two churches damaged during the September earthquakes
"Ten years ago we used to see many farmers working, now it's like a ghost town"
The government is planning to create a “Route of Mezcal” in the state
That will highlight the archeological site at night
Scholars, researchers, and producers urge the government to take action in the face of a "historical looting"
No building will be demolished, according to the National Coordinator of Historic Monuments of the INAH