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Opportunity for Mexican cheeses at the World Cup
National sales of mozzarella cheese are expected to increase during the World Cup, due to pizza consumption
The Festival promotes single malt Scotch whiskies
Ten Mexican restaurants participate in “The Festival,” seeking to promote the unique characteristics of single malt Scotch whisky
What did Anthony Bourdain think about Mexican food?
The late chef Anthony Bourdain expressed his love for Mexican gastronomy on several occasions
Try the Edible Insects Feast if you dare
At the Edible Insects Feast, you'll be able to try all kinds of exotic delicacies such as scorpion tacos, tarantula salad, and grasshoppers!
Do you know where the margarita was born?
The drink is named after Margarita Henkel, the daughter of a German ambassador
New beer inspired by Japanese sake
Fortuna’s newest product: a beer that takes inspiration from the traditional Japanese drink: Sake
Food sensualists brace yourselves!
Chef Olga Cabrera takes her region's cuisine to the gastronomical festival “Oaxaca in New York”
Indulge your palate with pork, chicken, and veggie varieties of Aztec's original recipe only steps away from Mexico City through November 20
For all the beer lovers!