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Black widow spiders spread through Yucatán
The presence of the venomous arachnid has been reported at several places in the state of Yucatán
Gray Wolf, on its way to recovery
In a joint effort, Mexico and the United States work towards protecting the endangered Mexican gray wolf
Contingency Phase 1 active in Mexico City
Due to poor air quality conditions in Mexico City, authorities have activated the phase 1 of the Environmental Contingency
Plastic straws: 49 thousand tons of garbage a year
In Mexico, 49,700 tons of plastic straws are produced, causing the death of millions of marine animals and birds
Companies join world initiative to protect the environment
Many companies have joined projects of different scales undertaking the commitment to protect and take care of the environment
Is this heat normal?
Temperature variations in the last decades can be attributed to multiple factors besides global warming
Mexico wants dark skies
Legislators have approved a law to reduce light pollution by switching to LED street lights
Construction projects shut down in Tulum
Five construction projects were closed down in the hotel area of Tulum over damages to the surrounding ecosystem
Without bees, the world would face a food crisis
According to the FAO, over 75% of food crops depend on pollination by bees
Fire blazes in Valle de Bravo
Last Saturday, a fire broke out in the magic town of Valle de Bravo, blazing 100 hectares of green areas