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“El Chavo del 8” just turned 47 years old
The world-famous Mexican TV show "El Chavo del 8", created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños, was first aired 47 years ago
Luis Gerardo Méndez to act alongside Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler
Mexican actor Luis Gerardo Méndez will act in Netflix's new series "Murder Mystery" alongside famous American actors
Four Mexican videogames you probably didn't know about
Mexico's videogame industry is growing at a slow pace, but these titles have surprised gamers all around the world
Amat Escalante adds black comedy to fourth season of Narcos
The fourth season of Narcos takes place in Mexico, in the 1980s, and it will have its dose of black comedy
Mexican skaters to perform with Disney On Ice
Disney On Ice will arrive in Mexico City on 18 July to perform at the National Auditorium
Gael García’s TV show “Here on Earth” portrays sins of the ruling class
Gael García Bernal, Jorge Dorantes, and Kyzza Terrazas have created a fictional TV series that revolves around the crimes and secrets of one of Mexico’s most influential families
Royal wedding at St George’s Chapel
Before an audience of 600 people, Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle exchanged their wedding vows
Mexican co-production to compete in Cannes
This is the second time that Julio Chavezmontes works with French producer Yann González. Their new movie “Knife + Heart” will be original and unusual
Guillermo Del Toro to create a horror anthology for Netflix
The filmmaker will be the creator and executive producer of the show
Oscar night with a Mexican flavor
The 90th edition of the Academy Awards was imbued with a Mexican atmosphere