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The exhibition displays over 300 luxury items and explores the civilizations along the "Golden Road"
The ship Logos Hope will dock at several Mexican ports, starting this March 25
A reminder that linguistic diversity and multilingualism are essential for a country's sustainable development
Russia will participate in the fair with conferences, book presentations, and more
Valentine's Day is named after St. Valentine, patron saint of lovers!
“Inequality always speaks to society,” says Ai Weiwei, the artist who has made activism of his art and vice-versa, in this exclusive interview. In his recent visit to Mexico, the Chinese creator who met a few days ago with the relatives of the 43 missing teacher students of Ayotzinapa, visited University City, reflected on the need of truth and what lies behind it: justice
For its preservation and promotion of Guanajuato's cuisine, this documentary received an award at the International Tourism Fair of Spain
The Museum of Cultures in Milan proposes a new retrospective and interpretation of the Mexican artist
The exhibition “Japanese Calendars 2018” is part of the celebrations on the 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mexico and Japan
The city of Santiago de Querétaro has decided to invest millions of Mexican pesos to keep its certification as World Heritage Site