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Court rules in favor of Frida Kahlo heiresses
According to official documents, Mara Cristina Teresa Romeo Pineda and Mara de Anda Romero are “the exclusive owners of all succession rights, trademarks, and copyrights"
Carrington: Feminist, ecologist, and artist of her time
On April 21, the Museum of Modern Art opens an exhibition with over 200 works of the artist
Promoting Huichol art
The First Biennial of Huichol Art in Mexico aims to promote the work of unknown Huichol artists
Palace & Pakal's Tomb to be restored
A team of INAH restorers will lead a conservation project in Palenque
Ancient manuscripts returned to Otomi community
The ancient manuscripts tell the history of an Otomi community in Hidalgo
This Mexican activist has spent 15 years trying to recover Moctezuma's Headdress
The secrets of Teotihuacan in LA
The exhibition presents the recent findings made at the archeological site of Teotihuacan
Experience Russian culture in Mexico City
Russian entrepreneurs and shop owners unite to offer the “Russia Tour in Mexico City”
The man who defined the modern outlook of Mexico City
Google honors today the 107th birth anniversary of Mario Pani, one of the most influential architects of the 20th century
Artifacts from the Patterson collection to return to Mexico
After a long trial, Mexico managed to recover two authentic Olmec heads illegally removed from El Manatí archeological site