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Samir Flores, activist and radio host, murdered in Mexico
President López Obrador said that he is appalled by the crime and said authorities are investigating
El Chapo is hailed as a modern “Robin Hood” in Mexico
People in his homes state of Sinaloa lament his conviction; the President visited his hometown after his trial ended
‘El Chapo’ will be sentenced to life in prison
A U.S. jury has reached a verdict in the drug-trafficking trial of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán
Muxe activist found dead in Oaxaca
He was the one who made the gay community visible in the area of the Tehuantepec Isthmus in Oaxaca
Radio host murdered in Mexico
He was the second journalist murdered this year
Inside Colosio's autopsy
The video of the autopsy has been released 25 years after Colosio was murdered
“El Chapo” keeps his lips sealed
Judge Brian Cogan directly asked Guzmán whether he understood it was his decision, not that of his lawyers, to testify or not
El Chapo's trial reaches critical point
The main defense argument, as put forth by Guzmán lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman, has been that the real leader of the Sinaloa Cartel is Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada
2018: the bloodiest year in Mexican history
The highest violence rate was registered in 2017 when there were 28,866 intentional homicide victims
Shocking revelations made during El Chapo's trial
The infamous gangster’s personal life and business dealings have become public during his trial in New York