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Seabirds threatened by Baja California's sardine industry
The seagull and tern populations in the Sea of Cortez are suffering due to sardine over-exploitation
The shape of water… on the Moon
A large amount of water has been discovered on the Moon and NASA has an ambitious exploration project
Donald Trump wants to militarize outer space
Donald Trump recently stated that he would like to create a branch of the U.S. Military in outer space
Marine life hanging by a thread due to plastic waste
The excessive consumption of PET products and plastic waste production are hurting Mexico's oceans
Diet myths debunked
Specialists consider that people often misunderstand some basic concepts of a healthy diet
Submarine gliders to protect the Gulf of Mexico
The project is financed by Mexican oil company PEMEX and Mexico’s Ministry of Energy (SENER)
The fascinating world of Mexican ants
There are over a thousand species of ants in Mexico, and they fulfill many important functions in ecosystems
Xbox presents Minecraft Coral Crafters to preserve coral reefs in Mexico
The Minecraft Coral Crafters program seeks to create and preserve coral reefs in the beaches of Cozumel, Mexico
What you need to know about World Turtle Day
Sponsored by the nonprofit organization American Tortoise Rescue, this celebration seeks to increase knowledge of and respect for turtles and tortoises
Once a pest, water hyacinth is now a sustainable product
The water hyacinth grows rapidly, stopping sunlight and oxygen from flowing through the water, but this plant can be used in many different ways to help the environment