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The mysterious Mayan Red Queen is in the Templo Mayor museum
The “Red Queen” has been studied for years and hundreds of hours were dedicated to her restoration; it's been discovered that she was Palenque's queen
The Aztecs in Germany
An exhibition about the Aztec culture will be showcased in the Linden Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, in 2019
Petroglyph find in archeological site La Campana
Positioning La Campana among the richest sites in petroglyph density
The 2500-year-old village hidden in Tlalpan
Archeologists from the INAH recover human remains of the first settlers of the Valley of Mexico
Mexican archeologists continue tomb restoration
Theban Tomb 39 (TT39) located in the city of Luxor, Egypt
U.S. and Mexico collaborate to restore Pakal's tomb
INAH experts aim to restore the crypt with funds provided by the U.S. Embassy in Mexico
Passageway to cenote beneath Kukulcán Temple possibly found
The Great Mayan Aquifer wants to confirm the existence of a cavern located by UNAM researchers in 2015