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New migrant caravan crosses Mexican border
More than 2,000 Central American migrants entered southern Mexico on Thursday to get to the U.S.
‘El Chapo’ dreamed of biopic long before capture, says trial witness
Guzmán, 61, was extradited to the United States in 2017 to face charges of trafficking cocaine
CFE reports MXN$60 billion loss due to power theft
The cost of power theft in Mexico rose to MXN$25.7 billion during the first half of 2018
Public debt in Mexican states now rises to MXN$568 billion
Mexico City, State of Mexico, Chihuahua, Nuevo León, Veracruz, and Coahuila showed the highest debt
Losses estimated at MXN$18 billion due to Mexico’s fuel shortage
The Mexican Employers Association claimed that the fight against fuel theft would yield good results
The National Guard is approved by the Chamber of Deputies
According to the proposal, the head of the force will be a civilian, but operational chiefs will be military officers
Tax reliefs take effect in northern Mexico
Mexicans will now be able to issue tax invoices with a value added tax (IVA) of merely 8%
The 8 bloodiest cities in Mexico
Countrywide, in 35.8% of urban households, at least one of its members was the victim of theft or extortion
Oxford Analytica: "Education is key to fighting fuel theft in Mexico"
Oxford Analytica claimed that the closing of Pemex pipelines is an "unsustainable strategy"
Transport companies and Pemex suppliers are linked to fuel theft
The government has its eye on companies that own between 100 and 350 tanker trucks each, some of which have been used to transport both legal and stolen Pemex fuel
Bank of America cuts Mexico’s GDP growth forecast to 1%
“Mexico’s economy will slow down in 2019,” stated Carlos Capistrán, the firm’s chief economist
El Chapo allegedly paid a USD $100 million bribe to Peña Nieto
In November 2018, Guzmán's lawyer claimed El Chapo had bribed two former Mexican Presidents, Peña Nieto and Felipe Calderón
CDIJUM presents history of Mexico’s Jewish community
English Mexico's Jewish Documentation and Research Center inaugurated its new headquarters in Mexico City
Mysterious disease threatens Mexico’s coral reefs
English The new disease has affected 20 species of coral reef in Mexico's Puerto Morelos and Cozumel
Mexico prepares for National Tequila Day
English Last year, the Mexican senate agreed that National Tequila Day would be celebrated every March
Museum of Pulque to open in Mexico City
English The National Traditional Pulquerías Association (ANPT) will open the Museum of Pulque on February 8
Mexican horse Kukulkán to compete at Pegasus World Cup
English On January 26, the Mexican horse will compete at the Pegasus World Cup in Miami, Florida
Frida Kahlo, the queen of Instagram
English Instagram has become a great platform for artists, musicians, designers, and for art in general
Mexico's National Film Library celebrates its 45th anniversary
English Mexico's Cineteca Nacional has become one of the most important venues for the Mexican film industry
National theaters to rescreen 25 Mexican films in 2019
English With support from the IMCINE, 25 Mexican films will be rescreened throughout the country
White-tailed deer, Mexico's biodiversity heritage
English The white-tailed deer's high reproduction rate has allowed them to enlarge their populations
Sargassum could be used to grow mushrooms
English FONATUR claimed that the influx of sargassum could be seen as an opportunity for agriculture
Shawn Mendes announces concert in Mexico City
English The singer has just announced tour dates in Mexico City and Monterrey as part of his World Tour
Mexican ponchos for your fur babies
English Tamal Inc also supports animals by donating 10% of every purchase
The migrant caravan, U.S. government shutdown, and for-profit prisons
English If the United States President needed more pretexts to maintain his demand for USD $5.7 billion in wall funding to Congress, the new migrant caravan advancing from Honduras will strengthen his case for tough policies in the Mexican border
The Ganges river, holy to most Indians, flows from the western Himalayas down to the Bay of Bengal through crowded cities, industrial hubs and some of the most populated areas in the world
If the United States President needed more pretexts to maintain his demand for USD $5.7 billion in wall funding to Congress, the new migrant caravan advancing from Honduras will strengthen his case for tough policies in the Mexican border
Everything indicates that polls and crime indexes are only useful to realize that the authorities can't or won't manage the emergency